Wanted: Sponsors

Help us to improve icon-stories.ch!

We have tried very hard to get our project off the ground, but it is far from perfect. We would like to improve the following things:

  • It should also be possible to create images in the Safari browser.
  • We would like to add more and better icons for the "Do Pictograms".
  • We would like to offer more worksheets and student activities.
  • We want to improve the search functionality, which means a lot of effort.
  • Last but not least, we would like to transfer a small compensation to the organizations that make their works available to us.


We have to pay a few things, these are not big amounts, but somebody has to pay for them anyway:

  • The fees for our internet provider and our domain
  • The licenses for "Font Awesome" and the "Icomoon App"
  • The coffee we drink

Become a Sponsor

Would you like to place your logo on this page? Would you like to be mentioned by name? Or do you simply love our website and use it frequently in your English lessons?

Then get in touch with us and we will make you a suggestion on how you can support us: info@icon-stories.ch.