The Ultimate Football (hm, Soccer) Quiz

  • 1. Capacity of 99,354

    What is the name of the largest football stadium in Europe?

  • 2. CR7

    Who is CR7?

  • 3. The Hand of God

    What's the name of the player with the "Hand of God"?

  • 4. Home of FIFA

    In which Swiss city is the headquarters of FIFA located?

  • 5. A Football Legend

    What is the name of the best and most famous football player of the 20th century?

  • 6. Football World Cup

    Which country has won the most football World Cup titles?

  • 7. FIFA Women's World Cup

    When did the first official Women's World Cup take place?

  • 8. Champions League

    Which Spanish club won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

  • 9. Nickname for Italy

    What's the nickname of the Italian national football team?

  • 10. Goal

    What is the official size of a football goal (determined by FIFA)?

  • 11. Nederlands Voetbalelftal

    What colour are the jerseys of the Dutch national football team?

  • 12. The Wave - Mass Performance in Stadiums

    When the wave hits you, you jump up and throw your hands in the air. Then you are part of ...

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