The World's Best-Selling Albums

  • 1. The Best-Selling Album of All Time

    This album is estimated to have sold over 66 million copies worldwide.

  • 2. The Second Place

    The second in the ranking is a compilation, it's "Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)", by ...

  • 3. High Voltage

    The third rank is hard and heavy, it's ...

  • 4. Pink Floyd

    Number four goes to Pink Floyd, with the album ...

  • 5. The Bodyguard (1992)

    The most famous singer on the soundtrack album "The Bodyguard" is ...

  • 6. Meat Loaf

    What's the name of Meat Loaf's best selling album?

  • 7. The Eagles and Their Hotel

    The Eagles again: What's the band's second most famous album called?

  • 8. A Famous Soundtrack

    John Travolta played the leading role in this movie (without mustache). It was ...

  • 9. Fleetwood Mac

    The most successful album by Fleetwood Mac was called ...

  • 10. Shania Twain

    The most successful album by Shania Twain was called ...

  • 11. Stairway to Heaven

    The most successful album (including the song "Stairway to Heaven") by Led Zeppelin was ...

  • 12. Adele

    What's the name of Adele's album that has sold best so far?

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