Let's Party!  16+

  • 1. Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday I

    How do you spell this thing correctly?

  • 2. Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday II

    What is the origin of the birthday cake?

  • 3. Clinking Glasses

    What word do the British and Americans say when they toast something?

  • 4. What's this Drink Called?

    Toasting with this beverage as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve is a tradition in many households around the world.

  • 5. Having Fun

    Many people use this face to express "having fun" or "partying". What's his name on Apple devices?

  • 6. 福 (fú = good fortune, luck, happiness)

    Such a red envelope is given away at Chinese New Year celebrations or weddings. What does it contain?

  • 7. Fireworks

    This Emoji can be used for any number of celebrations such as ...

  • 8. Confetti Ball

    What was the original inspiration for this Emoji?

  • 9. Party Popper

    What's the output of an exploding party popper?

  • 10. Dancing Woman

    What's her dance style?

  • 11. Dancing Man

    Who was the leader actor in "Saturday Night Fever" (1977)?

  • 12. Dancing Girls

    What was the inspiration for this Emoji?

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