• 1. Persons in Situations I

    What's happening to this man?

  • 2. Persons in Situations II

    Where is this woman?

  • 3. Persons in Situations III

    Where is this man?

  • 4. Persons in Situations IV

    What's this woman doing?

  • 5. Body Language I

    This Emoji is used to display frustration or embarrassment. It's called ...

  • 6. Body Language II

    This Emoji shows a person with arms crossed forming an "X". It's used to indicate ...

  • 7. Body Language III

    This Emoji shows a woman with arms above her head. What does the gesture mean?

  • 8. Body Language IV

    Many people use this emoji to send a simple "Hello", but the original meaning was different. It was ...

  • 9. Body Language V

    A person bowing deeply which is known as "dogeza" in Japan. It's used to express ...

  • 10. Body Language VI

    Which emotion is displayed with it?

  • 11. Body Language VII

    What mood is this woman in?

  • 12. Body Language VIII

    This Emoji shows a person shrugging their shoulders. It's used to say ...

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