Love  16+

  • 1. Heart with Arrow

    This is a very common symbol that indicates that someone is in love. But who shot the arrow?

  • 2. Love Letter

    In the past, it was common to decorate important letters with a piece made of wax or clay. So the heart is here some kind of ...

  • 3. Heart With Ribbon

    What could this emoji symbolize?

  • 4. A Ring with a Gem Stone

    This piece of jewellery is often associated with ...

  • 5. Church with Heart

    This Emoji represents:

  • 6. Woman with Veil

    How do you call the woman in a wedding couple?

  • 7. Romantic Holidays

    What's the name of the newlyweds' holiday after the wedding?

  • 8. Joyful Anticipation

    This woman is looking forward to a wonderful event because ...

  • 9. Love Hotel

    A love hotel is a hotel ...

  • 10. Broken Heart

    What does a broken heart symbolize?

  • 11. Eggplant (AE) or Aubergine (BE)

    This Emoji is widely used to represent a penis. Due to its phallic use, ...

  • 12. Peach

    Thanks to its distinctive cleft, the emoji is commonly used for ...

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