The Human Body

  • 1. You Can See with It

    What is the name of the organ?

  • 2. The Ear

    The ear is the organ of ...

  • 3. You Do It With the Mouth

    This Emoji is often used as a symbol for ...

  • 4. Think About!

    What is the name of the organ?

  • 5. Muscles

    What is the big upper arm muscle called?

  • 6. Tooth

    How many teeth does an adult usually have?

  • 7. Foot

    What is the plural of foot?

  • 8. The Nose

    What can you do with your nose?

  • 9. Manicures

    What is the name of the things covering the tips of the fingers?

  • 10. The Bones in Your Head

    what is the name of the bone(s) that forms the head in the human skeleton?

  • 11. Bones

    How many bones are there in the human body?

  • 12. A Handshake

    is a symbol of ...

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