Beverages  16+

  • 1. What's this?

  • 2. Coffee

    What kind of coffee is this?

  • 3. Teacup Without Handle

    What is served in this cup?

  • 4. A Water Tap

    What does this symbol stand for?

  • 5. A Cup With Straw

    A cup used to serve soft drinks in fast food restaurants. What could it contain?

  • 6. Beer Glass

    What do the Germans drink their beer from?

  • 7. Oktoberfest

    How many visitors does the Munich Oktoberfest have on average?

  • 8. Red Wine

    Red Wine is made from ...

  • 9. Clinking Glasses

    What word do the British and Americans say when they toast something?

  • 10. Tropical Drink

    This emoji is called "tropical drink". But where are the tropics?

  • 11. A Cocktail Glass

    What is the favourite cocktail of James Bond?

  • 12. Lactose-Free Milk

    How lactose-free milk is produced?

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