• 1. Name I

    What's the name of this flower?

  • 2. Name II

    What's the name of this flower?

  • 3. Name III

    What's the name of this flower?

  • 4. Name IV

    What's the name of this flower?

  • 5. Another Word for "Flower"

    In Biology, the flowers (mainly from trees) are called ...

  • 6. The Most Important Flower in the Culture of Japan

    This blossom is very popular in Japan and Japanese art. It's ...

  • 7. A New Plant

    A new plant of some flower sprouting from the earth: It's ...

  • 8. The Flower as Ornament

    Such a flower motif is often carved in stone or wood to create decorative ornaments for architecture and furniture.
    It's called ...

  • 9. Flowers as a Gift

    A collection of colorful flowers is often given as a gift for a wedding, mother's day, valentine's day, or other occassion.
    The name of this is ...

  • 10. A flower that has Died

    What happened to this flower?

  • 11. White Flower

    This is used by teachers in Japan as a stamp on school work ...

  • 12. One of the most famous symbols in the world

    This is an important symbol in heraldry. In Europe it is the most famous symbol of the French monarchy.
    It is called ...

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