Food from Different Countries

  • 1. Spaghetti

    What country do spaghetti come from?

  • 2. Baguette

    This emoji is called "Baguette Bread". Where does this type of bread originally come from?

  • 3. What's this?

  • 4. Bread with a Special Shape

    What is the name of this famous pastry in the English language?

  • 5. Cheese

    This piece of cheese with its large holes looks like a famous Swiss cheese.
    It is most likely a piece of ...

  • 6. Meat on Bone

    When you heat meat on a grill, it's a ...

  • 7. Poultry Leg

    What animal does the food come from?

  • 8. Pot of Food

    What's most likely in the pot?

  • 9. Shallow Pan of Food

    Paella is a dish from ...

  • 10. Stuffed Flatbread

    This flatbread could be either a "pita", a "döner kebab", a "falafel", a "shawarma", or a "gyro sandwich".
    Where does this meal come from?

  • 11. Sandwich

    The sandwich is named after ...

  • 12. Roasted Sweet Potato

    Roasted Sweet Potato are eaten everywhere in the world.
    Some people believe that sweet potatoes and potatoes are the same plant. Is that true?

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