The Japanese Way of Life I

  • 1. The Flag of Japan

    What does the red circle in the flag of Japan symbolize?

  • 2. A Traditional Japanese Garment

    What's the name of this Japanese dress?

  • 3. The Currency of Japan (¥)

    What is the currency of Japan called?

  • 4. Dogeza (土下座)

    This Emoji is used to express a message like ...

  • 5. Shoshinsha Mark

    This shield symbol is often attached to cars in Japan. What does it mean?

  • 6. Name Badge

    A name badge is used to identify oneself in a location that others may not know your name, such as a school trip, or a work conference.
    This name badge is one of many designs commonly found at kindergartens in Japan. It has the shape of ...

  • 7. White Flower

    This is used by teachers in Japan as a stamp on school work ...

  • 8. Onsen (温泉)

    This symbol is often found on Japanese maps. It means ...

  • 9. Veins Popping

    This red symbol is often found in Anime/Manga. It's used to represent a strong feeling of ...

  • 10. Kadomatsu (門松)

    A kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. After January 15 (or sometimes the 19th) the kadomatsu is ...

  • 11. Hinamatsuri (雛祭り)

    The "Doll's Day" or "Girls' Day" is a special day in Japan. It's celebrated on 3 March of each year.
    On this day such dolls are set up. They represent ...

  • 12. Completely Unknown in the Western World

    Hmmh, what could that be???

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