Sports Gear II

  • 1. A Ball for What?

    What is the name of the sport for which you need this ball?

  • 2. What is this called?

  • 3. A Coveted Trophy

    Which country won the 2018 Fifa World Cup?

  • 4. Ice Skates

    How many times did Switzerland win the Ice Hockey World Championship (IIHF)?

  • 5. Basketball

    Michael Jordan played for which teams?

  • 6. Golf Hole Flag

    Which of these men is a famous golfer:

  • 7. Rugby

    Which country has the most Rugby World Cup winnings?

  • 8. Running Shirt

    Who is the current world record holder in the 100 meter race?

  • 9. Table Tennis: Paddle and Ball

    Which nation has the most successful table tennis players and teams?

  • 10. Sports Medal

    Which athlete has won the most gold medals at the Summer Olympics so far?

  • 11. Cricket: Bat an Ball

    Where was cricket invented?

  • 12. Direct Hit

    What is this called?

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