Clothes and Shoes

  • 1. No Cold Feet

    What's the name of this garment?

  • 2. Women Clothes

    What's the name of this garment?

  • 3. Top Hat

    A top hat always has the shape of a ...

  • 4. Athletic Shoe

    How are such shoes often called?

  • 5. Shoes for Women

    What are these shoes called?

  • 6. Shoes for Men

    When you wear shoes like that everyday, you're a ...

  • 7. Bikini

    Why is this bath dress called a "bikini"?

  • 8. Necktie

    "Necktie" is an American word. In Great Britain another word is used more often:

  • 9. Polo Shirt

    A famous tennis player is considered the inventor of the modern polo shirt. What was his name?

  • 10. Jeans

    In which American city were jeans invented?

  • 11. Trenchcoat

    What was the trenchcoat invented for?

  • 12. The Highest Heeled Shoes (Guinness World Records)

    The highest heels commercially available are boots produced by James Syiemiong (India) in February 2004.
    The record height is calculated from a combination of ...

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