Fantasy and Movies I

  • 1. Elf

    What's the archer's name in "Lord of the Rings"?

  • 2. Genie

    What is the name of the actor of "Genie" in the new Aladdin movie (2019)?

  • 3. Mage

    What is the name of the Transfiguration professor in the "Harry Potter" movies?

  • 4. Fairy

    What movie do you remember when you see this emoji?

  • 5. Dragon

    In China the dragon is a symbol for ...

  • 6. Father Christmas

    What's the name of the red-nosed reindeer?

  • 7. Mermaid

    What's the name of the little mermaid in the Disney movies?

  • 8. Unicorn

    What does the unicorn stand for?

  • 9. Robots

    What are the names of the two robots that have participated in "Star Wars" since the beginning?

  • 10. Zombies

    To wich famous series fits this emoji?

  • 11. Superhero

    What can kill Superman?

  • 12. Count Dracula

    "Dracula" is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced the character of "Count Dracula". How many times has the book been turned into a movie so far?

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