Animals in the Wild

  • 1. Superhero

    A famous hero has the word "bat" in his name, what's his name?

  • 2. Boar

    A boar is a male domestic pig, but it also means a wild pig of any gender. What's a wild boar usually like?

  • 3. A Collector

    What are the names of the famous singing animals?

  • 4. Turtle

    What is so special about turtles?

  • 5. Deer

    Whats the name of the famous disney deer?

  • 6. Hedgehog

    What is special about the hedgehog?

  • 7. Lizard

    Which animal class do the lizards belong to?

  • 8. The White Mouse

    This Emoji picture shows a white mouse, which doesn't exist as a separate breed. It is rather ...

  • 9. Snail

    Can snails leave their house?

  • 10. Raccon

    Why do raccoons count as thieves?

  • 11. Badger

    The picture shows a badger, but many Europeans will not recognize it. Why is that?

  • 12. Snake

    Are all snakes venomous (poisonous)?

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