Lessons & Teaching Material for ESL Classes

Preparation for working with the Story Editor

Before you let your students work with our "Story Editor", we recommend that you do some of the following exercises.

  1. "A Little Challenge!": The students form compound nouns from Emojis. They guess the title of famous movies.

  2. "Emojis And Feelings": A vocabulary exercise - adjectives on feelings and emotions.

  3. "Reading Emojis": The students practice with short sequences from the "Book from the Ground". They translate the icons into English.

  4. "Short Stories": Students write their own short story and turn it into an Icon Story in a second step.

Presentation: History of the Emojis


Brief historical outline: Ancestors - Smiley - Emoticon - Kaomoji - Emoji

"Emoji News" with James Corden

The British multi-talent James Corden is mainly known for his show "Carpool Karaoke", in which many very prominent musicians have performed. Most famous is the episode with Adele (2016), which has already been watched 196 million times (in April 2019) on Youtube.

Less well-known is the show "Emoji News", which is part of "The Late Late Show with James Corden". James tests the audience on the latest headlines by presenting them in emoji form.

The videos are good as an introduction to the topic, but you as a teacher need to be a little cautious: Not all emoji headlines are suitable for children because they show an eggplant (due to its phallic use), for example. So you have to make a good selection before you can show the quizzes in your class!

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